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What people are saying about Mind the Gap

“Absolutely loved the book! A fantastic read and written by a man who certainly has a way with words. Inspiring!” — Lesley

“Just finished it last week- . . . loved it! A fascinating journey of self-discovery. I couldn’t put it down!”  — Chris

“I’m engrossed in your book! Your story is fascinating and the way you recount it very compelling.”  — Olivia

“I just finished reading Mind the Gap. Wow! Its an honest story of a man with the best possible outlook on life dealing with one of the worst possible situations. Everyone I know should read this book!”  — John

“Just finished your book … I really enjoyed it, brought back lots of memories. How time flies.”  — Troy

“It is an inspirational story told in a very easy to read style with just the right amount of humor. It has a message a great many people need.”  — Shelia

“Just finished your book. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Some of your passages just blew me away.

You have the gift. I am honoured to have been a small part of your growth as a person and a writer.

Congratulations on writing a powerful, meaningful book that strikes chords on so many levels.” — Ken

“I really enjoyed the book and your inspiring approach to life. Your telling of the story is very well done; engaging, funny and moving.”  — Lorie

“It really takes the reader into your thoughts. Incredibly impressive book.”  — Ian

“Mind the Gap is amazing, I couldn’t put it down.”  — Megan

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